A legend in Country Music, Host of Frizzell & Friends, Author of the new biography about his brother Lefty Frizzell… Read by David Frizzell ON 8 discs!

“I Love You a Thousand Ways” presents not only Lefty Frizzell's career facts but also includes little known personal information and historic never-before-published photos of Lefty and his family and friends. The Frizzell family and Lefty's friends opened their hearts to share their own memories of Lefty. David Frizzell narrates the poignant story of a boy who wanted to sing more than anything in the world. He describes the hardships Lefty had to overcome. He speaks of the women Lefty loved, those who helped him become a better man and those who cost him his freedom and how they inspired him to write some of his greatest songs. He remembers Lefty's sudden and tragic death and the effect it had on others around him. This audio book tells the story of an exceptionally gifted man in the way only a brother could tell it.

The Lefty Frizzell Story - Audio Book

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         David Frizzell has lived a life tightly woven into the fabric of country music history and lore. He is both legacy and legend with an unmistakable voice, a captivating style, and a flair for storytelling. 

         By his 18th birthday, Frizzell was recording for Columbia Records. His unmistakable voice, raw and forlorn, is hauntingly similar to his older brother, Lefty Frizzell, with whom David toured in his youth. 

         In the early 1980s, Frizzell founded the musical duo of Frizzell & West with the gorgeous and gifted Shelly West, daughter of country superstar Dottie West. Frizzell & West produced 5 albums and remains one of the most-awarded acts in entertainment.

         During his duet years with West, Frizzell continued a vibrant solo career. He scored a huge chart-topping hit with “I’m Gonna Hire A Wino To Decorate Our Home.” The record is a country music standard, and has been featured on CMT’s 40 Greatest Drinking Songs in Country Music, making #17 in the countdown. Also, making #6 in CMT’s countdown of the 100 Greatest Duets is “You're The Reason God Made Oklahoma” by Frizzell and West.

         David continues to write, record and tour. He is a highly sought after producer. David also hosts the Frizzell & Friends project for which he brings together some of the most legendary names in country music for live and recorded performances. 

         “I Love You A Thousand Ways: The Lefty Frizzell Story” is a long-awaited labor of love; a tribute to the life and career of Lefty Frizzell, chronicling the turbulent life and career of one of America’s most influential voices. The book was named by CMT as one of the Best Music Books of the year. 

         This timeless entertainer continues to share his gifts to the delight of fans old and new across the US and throughout the world.