"I have always wanted to go on a cattle drive like John Wayne and sing Gene Autry, Roy Rogers and Sons of The Pioneers songs.

     My wish has come true. I invited my friends Lacy J. Dalton, Rex Allen Jr., Marty Haggard and Larry Woods to meet me in Custer Montana where we were filmed riding horses and had the time of our lives moving those cattle and then that evening, sitting around the campfire with our guitars, singing and playing some of our favorite western songs. John Wayne would’ve been proud of us, riding all day and singing all night out on the Montana range… We ended up in Roundup, ontana for a concert in front of many Country music fans. The whole adventure became a special for RFD-TV. “If you listen real close you can hear his name whispered in the wind”.... “I wish we had heroes like John Wayne again... Someone to ride up on a horse and rescue you…”    — David Frizzell

Frizzell & Friends Roundup (2 CDs w/ TV Special on DVD)

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    1. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You? (David Frizzell) * 2. I Wish We Had Heroes Like John Wayne (David Frizzell) * 3. Home On The Range (Lacy J. Dalton) * 4. Don’t Fence Me In (Lacy J. Dalton) * 5. I’ve Got Spurs (Lacy J. Dalton) * 6. Ride Cowboy Ride (Rex Allen Jr.) * 7. Along The Navajo Trail (Rex Allen Jr.) * 8. The Nester (Marty Haggard) * 9. Back In The Saddle Again (Marty Haggard) 10. What Would Gene Autry Do? (Mike Morgan) 11. Red River Valley (Mike Morgan) 12. The Wayward Wind (Larry Woods) 13. Waiting for a Train (Larry Woods) 14. Happy Trails (Rex Allen Jr., Lacy J. Dalton, David Frizzell, Marty Haggard & Larry Woods)

    1. Roundup (David Frizzell) 2. I’m Gonna Hire A Wino (David Frizzell) 3. California Blues (David Frizzell) 4. I Never Go Around Mirrors (David Frizzell)/That’s The Way Love Goes (Marty Haggard) 5. If You Got The Money (David Frizzell) 6. Between Love and Goodbye (Larry Woods) 7. Two Of A Kind (Larry Woods w/ Stacy Houston) 8. That’ll be The Day (David Frizzell) 9. Johnny Cash Impersonation (David Frizzell) 10. 16th. Avenue (Lacy J Dalton) 11. Crazy Blue Eyes (Lacy J Dalton) 12. Way Back (David Frizzell) 13. You’re The Reason God Made Oklahoma (David Frizzell w/ Stacy Houston) 14.“I’m Getting Good At Missing You” (Rex Allen Jr.) 15. Lonely Street (Rex Allen Jr.) 16. Happy Trails (Rex Allen Jr., David Frizzell, Lacy J Dalton, Marty Haggard & Larry Woods)


    RFD-TV Special on DVD Songs
    “Roundup”, “I’m Gonna Hire A Wino”(David Frizzell), “I Never Go Around Mirrors”(David Frizzell)/“That’s The Way Love Goes”(Marty Haggard), “16th. Avenue” (Lacy J Dalton) , “I’ve Got Spurs” (Lacy J Dalton) , You’re The Reason God Made Oklahoma”(David Frizzell), “Have I Told You Lately?”(David Frizzell), “Between Love & Goodbye”(Larry Woods), I’m Getting Good At Missing You”(Rex Allen Jr.), “Cool Water”(Rex Allen Jr.), “Home On The Range” (Lacy J Dalton), “Ride Cowboy Ride”(Rex Allen Jr.), “The Nester”(Marty Haggard), “The Wayward Wind”(Larry Woods), “Red River Valley”(Mike Morgan), “Wish We Had Heroes Like John Wayne”(David Frizzell), “Happy Trails” (Rex Allen Jr., Lacy J. Dalton, David Frizzell, Marty Haggard & Larry Woods) (with “Behind the scenes” footage) “Don’t Fence Me In” (Lacy J Dalton) , “Along The Navajo Trail”(Rex Allen Jr.), “Back In The Saddle Again”(Marty Haggard), “Johnny Cash Impersonation”(David Frizzell), “California Blues”(David Frizzell), “Crazy Blue Eyes” (Lacy J Dalton) , “Lonely Street”(Rex Allen Jr.) & “Waitin On A Train”(Larry Woods)