Historic Country Music Event Returns To Corsicana


Country music star, David Frizzell, hosts the 2nd Annual LeftyFest,
a tribute to his brother, the late Lefty Frizzell, a Country Music Hall of Fame and Grand Ole Opry member.


Country Music Stars, David Frizzell and Allen Frizzell
to honor brother, Lefty Frizzell, November 2nd with Concert & Performance


Nashville, TENN --- Country music star, David Frizzell, has announced the 2nd annual Frizzell & Friends LeftyFest Music Festival to be held in Corsicana, Texas on Saturday, November 2, 2019.


The event was established, in cooperation with the city of Corsicana, to honor the enduring musical legacy of Lefty Frizzell, one of American music’s most influential singer/stylists of any genre. Born in Corsicana in 1928, Lefty is honored with a statue in the city’s Jester Park. The iconic artist was a member of the Grand Ole Opry, and was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1982. A star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame honors his contributions to entertainment. Lefty Frizzell figures prominently in several episodes of the recently-aired Ken Burns documentary, Country Music.


David Frizzell is the younger brother of Lefty. He toured with Lefty in his youth, before being signed to a record deal of his own, and going on to a multi-award-winning career that remains dynamic today. David is a singer, songwriter, touring performer, producer and author.


A chance meeting with Corsicana Chief of Police, Robert Johnson, set the wheels in motion for David Frizzell’s longtime dream of a festival to honor his world-famous brother. Johnson, arguably the only SAG-AFTRA actor in the world who also happens to be a police chief, is an avid fan of Lefty Frizzell, and was instrumental in the early planning for LeftyFest.


“I am so grateful to the city of Corsicana, and Chief Johnson for their support,” David says. “Without the city’s appreciation for the significance of brother Lefty’s legacy, we wouldn’t be able to host this annual event for the many fans of traditional country music.”


The special evening of music will include an insightful Q&A on the life, music and enduring legacy of Lefty Frizzell with David Frizzell and younger brother, Allen Frizzell. Unlike the 2018 fest, this year’s concert will be held indoors, free of weather concerns, at the beautifully restored Palace Theatre. After the Q&A which promises informative and entertaining stories about Lefty Frizzell and other historic music figures, a concert will feature the music of Lefty Frizzell and other classic artists who were influenced by Lefty, as well as the hits and recordings of David Frizzell and Allen Frizzell. Special guests may also appear.


Lefty Frizzell has been called “the honky-tonk archetype.” His voice was golden; he wore fringe and Nudie suits and those trademark bandanas; and he had a fondness for women and whiskey. Before this became a Hollywood stereotype, it was the real Lefty. Born William Orville Frizzell just outside of Corsicana in 1928, his contributions to American music are legendary and lasting. He burst onto the music scene in 1950 and had had eight top 10 hits in that year alone. At one point, Lefty Frizzell had four songs in the Billboard Top 10 at the same time, something that had never happened before: “I Want To Be With You Always,” “Always Late (With Your Kisses),” “Mom And Dad’s Waltz,” and “Travelin’ Blues.”


As a singer, Lefty was the ultimate stylist. His voice was an instrument that he played brilliantly: stretching out or breaking up vowels. He slurred his words and played with phrasing. His pioneering vocals have inspired decades of artists, and his songs have become classics and beloved standards. Merle Haggard revered Lefty Frizzell, and was often quoted praising the singer. Willie Nelson loved Frizzell’s songwriting so much that he released an album of Lefty cover songs.


On July 19, 1975, Lefty suffered a massive stroke, slipped into a coma, and passed away at just 47 years old. In his all-too-short life, however, Lefty Frizzell revolutionized country music with a style that remains influential today. Artists like Blake Shelton, Randy Travis, Keith Whitley, Tim McGraw, and even George Jones, have tipped their hats to Lefty for his inspiration.


For visitors, a variety of lodging is available in and around Corsicana, including brand name hotels and RV parks. This concert event is made possible, in part, through the support of the Corsicana Convention & Visitor’s Bureau.



Frizzell & Friends present the 2nd Annual LeftyFest
Saturday, November 2, 2019

7:30 p.m.

The Palace Theatre

112 W 6th AV, Corsicana, TX

Tickets starting at just $25





“Not enough folks know the name Lefty Frizzell. Not enough people know Lefty Frizzell’s music. If you stop and listen, you can still hear his influence everywhere.
Every time a singer goes soft and low instead of long and hard, that’s Lefty. Every extended vowel in a tender ballad, that’s Lefty. Every slippery vocal trill, that’s Lefty.
His legacy is everywhere, even if his name is not.”

Merle Haggard loved the 'brilliance and clarity' of Lefty Frizzell's music, and he studied Frizzell's effortless onstage charisma,
which came less naturally to Haggard. "For three or four years I didn't sing anything but Lefty Frizzell songs," he wrote,
"and then because Lefty was a fan of Jimmie Rodgers I learned to imitate him too."



Also appearing: Allen Frizzell






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The festival is made possible, in part, by the support of the Convention and Visitors Bureau of Corsicana, TX

Visit Corsicana! See the Lefty Frizzell statue. Tour the historic Pioneer Village and Lefty Frizzell Museum. Play golf and dine at The Moontower at the Oaks. Visit the shops of Main Street